CMM Adds Best Media Production Award To Portfolio

For the fifth time in two years, Chocolate Moose Media (CMM) and founder Firdaus Kharas have been honored for their body of humanitarian work. CV Magazine’s […]

When Sexual Assault Ripples Onto Children

We hope there is no longer any need to define sexual assault. It is a dirty act, often misunderstood, but never acceptable. What is often missed […]

Pourquoi le Congo a-t-il oublié Sweet Mother?/ Why Has The D.R. Congo Forgotten Sweet Mother?

  Par Mike Levin English version follows below Prince Nico Mbarga pleure. Bien que le musicien nigérien soit décédé dans un accident de moto en 1997, […]


  Modern media may have made communications ubiquitous but the process is nowhere yet near seamless. Imagine a Sierra Leone villager who speaks only Krio trying […]

Three New Awards Highlight Importance of CMM Communications Tools

  “Very shocking statistics. We really need to do something.” That comment came from Trish Banda in Lilongwe, Malawi’s capital city, after seeing the Violence Against […]

Changing Environmental Behaviour

Behaviour-change communications has always been the bedrock of Chocolate Moose Media’s (CMM) animation strategy. CMM producer Jasmine El Mulki has a passion for the environment and […]

The Story Behind Ebola: A Poem For The Living

  On July 15, 2014, Neelley Hicks waded through a hot, humid morning to get to her Nashville, Tennessee, office. One of the first things she […]

Reanimating A Cartoon Classic

If you ever wanted to know how Firdaus Kharas funds his non-profit public service announcements, here’s a piece that lays out his current project to bring […]