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From talking condoms to cartoon mosquitos, Chocolate Moose Media and its founder, Peabody Award-winning director, animator, and humanitarian, Firdaus Kharas, harnesses the combined power of animation and humor to tackle taboo subjects, dispel myths, and save millions of lives around the world through widespread behavior change.

The studio’s animated shorts on HIV/AIDS, malaria, Ebola, domestic violence, and more have been adapted in over 90 languages and viewed in over 150 countries.

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Media Coverage Highlights



Wikipedia – Behavior change (public health)

3 October, 2021


Three New Awards Highlight Chocolate Moose Media’s Innovative Approach

16 September, 2021


Une nouvelle formation virtuelle pour lutter contre le racisme développée à Ottawa

30 July, 2021


Launch of the Becoming Antiracist training

28 July, 2021


Temporally Relieving Global Constraints, Horasis India Meeting 2021

26 July, 2021


HandWiki: Biography – Firdaus Kharas

19 July, 2021


Horasis Global Meeting: Digital Bounty

8 June, 2021


Say It Skillfully® – Firdaus Kharas animates change in the world

25 May, 2021


Supporting the Virtuous Circle, Horasis Extraordinary Meeting on the USA

18 March 2021


POWER to Live More with Jo Dodds – Embracing Your Inner Creative Power

5 February, 2021


POWER to Live More 

10 February, 2021


Be Brave at Work, Part 2 of 2

7 January, 2021


Be Brave at Work, Part 1 of 2

4 January, 2021


High Flow Lifestyle Podcast

4 January, 2021


Your Story: Year in Review 2020

27 December, 2020



11 December, 2020


Using the Whole Whale – A Nonprofit Podcast

Creativity: The Key to a Remarkable Life – Author Interview

18 November, 2020


Beyond the To-Do List  – Firdaus Kharas on Creativity as a Key to a Remarkable Life

17 November, 2020


Going North Podcast – “Transformative Creativity” with Firdaus Kharas 

12 November, 2020



2 November, 2020


Decoding Purpose with Rebecca Tapp – Firdaus Kharas: Creativity & Cartoons As Catalysts For Epic Social Change

22 October, 2020


The New P&L – Principles & Leadership in Business

14 October, 2020


The Business and Leadership Podcast

13 October, 2020


Health Psychology by Hymie Anisman

Becoming Your Best

22 September, 2020


The Mindful Experiment Podcast – Finding Your Creativity

18 September, 2020


Dr. Vic Manzo Jr Podcast

18 September, 2020


11:11 Talk Radio

16 September, 2020


Life Transformation Radio: The Key to a Remarkable Life with Firdaus Kharas

2 Sepember, 2020


Global Business – Creativity: The Key To A Remarkable Life

2 September, 2020


Compassion is the birthplace for courage’ – 45 quotes from Indian startup journeys

1 September, 2020


Mindful Impact: Unlocking Your Creativity 

31 August, 2020


From habit to impact: how creativity can transform lives and livelihoods

30 August, 2020


From habit to impact: how creativity can transform lives and livelihoods

29 August, 2020


Momentum Life Project: Firdaus Kharas on how to be more creative

20 August, 2020


Firdaus Kharas elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

23 April, 2020


Women Arise – Pandemic in the Age of Global Communications

13 March, 2020


Slate School’s Education Idea Lab Presents “Communicating The Mission” 

Why Must We Be Silent?

10 December, 2019


Chocolate Moose Media Hits 4K Video Milestone

19 September, 2019


Creating Impactful Change Through Animations (Firdaus Kharas)

4 September 2018


The Social Impactors Podcast: Directing 4010 animations, innovative solutions & impactful global change (Firdaus Kharas)

30 August, 2018


Nine New Awards Support Chocolate Moose Media’s Mission

27 December, 2017


Animated Video Portrays Refugees’ Plight, Encourages Welcoming

16 October, 2017


Nouvelle vidéo pour déstigmatiser les victimes de viols au Congo New Video To Destigmatize Congo Rape Victims

8 August, 2017


CV Magazine:  2017 Global Excellence Awards

16 June, 2017


Firdaus Kharas at CTIAF 2017

4 February 2017


“This is our story.”

8 August, 2017


Firdaus Kharas, a social entrepreneur using media to better human conditions around the world

28 June, 2017


Cutting The Glare For Migraine Sufferers

19 June, 2017


Kharas Humanitarian Efforts Attract More Awards

16 May, 2017 The (Globalized) Three Amigos: Translating and Disseminating HIV/AIDS Prevention Discourse 

9 February, 2017


Chocolate Moose Media Recognized For Global Impact

16 December, 2016


TMT Entertainment Awards 2016

December 15, 2016


Career Paths, International Affairs: Firdaus Kharas

3 November  2016


A Conversation with Firdaus Kharas Founder & Chairman of Chocolate Moose Media

23 October, 2016


NatureForAll Launches New Global Conservation Movement with Animated Film

6 September, 2016


Four Awards For CMM’s Videos on Violence , Diabetes

21 June, 2016


Chocolate Moose Media’s Behaviour-Change Communications at WHS

27 May, 2016


The Huffington Post: A New African Super-girl Confronts Ebola

3 March, 2016


QDA Launches Animated Diabetes Videos

1 December, 2015


Online PR Media: ‘Beyond Survival’ Video Tackles Ebola Stigma

25 November, 2015


Carleton U: Firdaus Kharas: Creator of Chocolate Moose Media

7 November, 2015


Carleton U: Firdaus Kharas: Using Laughter and Animation to Save Lives

23 September, 2015


New CMM Channel Can Reach Six Billion People In Local Langua

14 September, 2015


The Ottawa Citizen: Carleton honours community builders as convocations begin

9 June, 2015


GSD Magazine: Translators Without Borders: When Linguistics Saves Lives

2 April, 2015


Firdaus Kharas Named Among World’s Top Social Innovators

17 February, 2015


Global Geneva: Imaginative cartoons: Reaching out for AIDS, Malaria and Ebola

31 January, 2015


Darpan Magazine: Firdaus Kharas: Activism Through Animation

26 January, 2015


Fighting Ebola with viral animation

2 January, 2015 


The Ottawa Sun: Ebola top of mind for medics, artists, academics

21 October, 2014


World Religion News: Prayers and Poems: How Churches Help the Battle Against Ebola

21 October, 2014


Christian Today: Four minutes which could turn the tide on the Ebola crisis

16 October, 2014


This Animated Truth May Help Curb the Spread of Ebola

14 October, 2014


Using Animation to Battle Ebola

13 October, 2014


Ebola Prevention The Goal of New Chocolate Moose Media Video

14 August, 2014


Buzz and Bite Highlighted In New Malaria Museum

25 April, 2014


The Atlantic: Talking Condoms Make Safe Sex Campaigns Acceptable in Conservative Countries

18 October, 2013


The Guardian: The Guardian International Development Achievement Award

28 August, 2013


Next Billion: Talking Condoms and Global Health

19 June, 2013


Rabble CA: Firdaus Kharas: Animating public service and social justice

12 July, 2012


Global Issues: Social Media Campaign to Take-on Domestic Abusers

19 April, 2011


Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias



Macleans: Infect! Infect! Kill humans with malaria.

May 5, 2008


IPS News: HEALTH: Malaria Campaigns Ramp Up Focus on Bed Nets

25 April, 2008


UN: Press Conference On Public Service Announcement Campaign To Rid World Of Malaria

22 April, 2008 Acclaimed Producer Firdaus Kharas Fighting Malaria With Animation Campaign Initial Production Funding From The Canadian Red Cross

26 November, 2007


The Globe and Mail: Animated Series Brings Africa to Other Cultures

23 June, 2007


Ottawa Citizen: Ottawan’s talking condoms win Peabody

5 Apr 2007


Animated World Network: Animated Boondocks & Three Amigos to Receive Peabody Awards

4 April, 2007


Washington Post: New AIDS campaign uses animated characters dressed as condoms to deliver message in 41 languages



Sithengi: The Three Amigos Increases Presence in South Africa 

5 May, 2005


Taipei Times: Condom-clad characters to take on AIDS

13 January, 2005


KHN: New Global Campaign Launched To Promote Condom Use; ‘Three Amigos’ Animated PSAs Use Humor To Stop Spread of HIV

12 January, 2005 Press Briefing On ‘three Amigos’ Hiv/Aids Prevention Programme

11 January, 2005


The Globe and Mail: ‘I’m Just Trying to Make a Small Contribution

17 January, 2005


The New Yorker: Pitching Rubbers

24 May, 2004


The Record: Animated Condoms Carry Anti-AIDS Message

13 July, 2004