I’m Firdaus Kharas

Founder of Chocolate Moose Media

I create visual content that inspires change

Maybe change isn’t happening as quickly as you’d like

and you’re spinning your wheels, feeling stuck and discouraged.

In my experience, lack of progress, particularly involving large groups of people, often boils down to ineffective communication.

Getting the right message across to multiple areas or ethnic groups in a way they will understand and want to hear is a challenging task, even for experienced communicators. The situation becomes even more complex when the stakes are high for those we are trying to assist.

Whatever your “big issue” is, I have the tools, experience, passion and resources to help you move the needle forward.

Since founding my company Chocolate Moose Media in 1995, I have helped dozens of clients – governments, educators, businesses, and international organizations – make a positive impact on “big issues” such as solar energy, domestic violence, racism, sexual harassment, the rights of women and children, as well as on the prevention and/or containment of polio, HIV/AIDS, malaria, Ebola, Zika, COVID-19, and even an outbreak of The Plague.

some of my

Video Campaigns

short animations and documentaries

Why work with me?

Over 80% of the world’s population can see some of my work in their language – that’s over 6.4 billion people!

My animations are amongst the most multi-lingual on the planet and I am fully equipped to make your project as as multilingual as necessary to reach the right audience.

I can accept projects that are not highly compensated

The most important issues are often the least funded. I do have costs to cover in my business, of course, but I never turn down important work solely because of cost concerns.

I don’t believe in the word “impossible”

Over almost 30 years in this industry I have been able to develop a network of people all over the world who are willing to jump on all kinds of “impossible” issues.

Shedding light on real issues is my passion

Connecting with people and learning how they think about longstanding and cultural issues is the key. Building relationships, whether in person over a cup of coffee or through the magic of targeted animations and documentaries, is what I do.

3 Steps to Real Change



Let’s work together to determine the end goal, target audience, and most effective approach.


Make a Plan

The final product is the tip of the iceberg. The real magic is in the work plan.


Create Change

We put it all together for the final video and translation, then we distribute it as planned.

experience has taught me…

Bringing the right message to the wrong audience (or vice versa) is like trying to fill a dump truck with a spoon.

It’s slow, discouraging and frankly, a waste of time.

Let’s say your communication project begins from scratch. You spend precious time and resources on a final product that looks great but is essentially void of real meaning and the message becomes lost.

There’s a better way, I promise.

Together with your team’s knowledge, and my resources and experience, we craft a plan that considers the complexity of the issue at hand and the communication tools we will need to execute it.

As soon as the process is complete, you can exhale a sigh of relief knowing the message you have communicated is clear, effective and can be easily understood by your target audience.

Years Making Change Happen

“Big Issues” I’ve said yes to

Malaria prevention

Our malaria prevention campaign has been used in over half the countries that have malaria.

Rights of refugees

Multiple videos to build support for refugees and on the rights of refugees.

Ebola containment

Videos to contain and prevent Ebola and on the stigma felt by Ebola survivors.


Four videos in English and French for high school students to understand and identify racism and become actively anti-racist.

HIV/AIDS prevention

Most notably, our now-famous Three Amigos campaign, used to prevent HIV/AIDS in over 150 countries.

Domestic Violence

Our No Excuses campaign cleverly targeted abusers and aimed to prevent domestic violence.

Climate change

The Solar Campaign was designed to get the 1.3 billion people in the world without access to electricity to switch from harmful sources of light to solar energy.

Partnering Organizations

Our work has always focused on creating innovative solutions for some of the world’s toughest issues. We are proud to have parterned with hundreds of incredible organizations over the years.

I’m kind of a big deal…

I’m proud to say my work and the work of my production company Chocolate Moose Media has earned some incredible recognition. Among the accolades are over 125 awards and 3 honorary degrees. I feel honored to have been acknowledged by such outstanding people and organizations.

“We need efforts like yours… a powerful communicating tool to encourage people to change their behaviour… an outstanding contribution…”.

Nobel Laureate, the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu

“His approach to urgent, sometimes deadly crises is deceptively simple: he creates animated public service announcements and videos that resonate with people across cultures.”

Faculty of Public Affairs, Carleton University

“We consider Firdaus Kharas to be the modern equivalent of Dr. Seuss.”

Director of the Malaria Museum, Ireland

“Firdaus Kharas used talking condoms to shift global attitudes about HIV/AIDS and saved millions of lives in the process.”

Reader's Digest (Canada)

What can you expect?

Every CMM project utilizes my extensive set of resources, built up over my nearly 30 years as a producer of behaviour change animations and documentaries.


Start to finish production


Dubbing and translations


Creative solutions


Understanding of complex issues


Focus and direct involvement


Flexible pricing and payments


Respect and open dialog


Credibility and trust in this field


Vast network in varying sectors


Clear insight and understanding


Documentaries or animation


Focus on the greater good