Targets 73 languages, 100 countries, 1 billion viewers

UNITED NATIONS, New York: April 18, 2011 – FIRDAUS KHARAS, Chairman of Chocolate Moose Media and Culture Shift launched today a new global campaign to prevent domestic violence and abuse. The campaign targets are adaptation in 73 languages, use in 100 countries, to be viewed by 1 billion viewers.

Targeted squarely at the abuser, the campaign is entitled No Excuses.  The campaign consists of 11 animated spots to be versioned into 73 languages, thereby enabling a potential reach of 5.75 billion people or 85% of the world’s population in their own language.

Mr. Kharas used his usual method of combining animation and humour to create memorable messages to prevent: cultural justifications of violence, violence against women, the perceived right of men to commit violence, sexual abuse of women, rape, escalation of abuse into violence, the inter-generational cycle of violence, violence by mothers against children, violence by fathers against children and verbal abuse of children and the elderly.  In addition, the Campaign consists of one spot against rape by soldiers.

This is the first time the issue of justifications of violence and abuse have been addressed, including the use of culture, religion and tradition.

Firdaus Kharas, creator of the No Excuses Campaign said:  “I am very pleased to be able to launch the No Excuses Campaign after 2.5 years of work by a group of dedicated volunteers in Canada, Holland, South Africa and Switzerland.  Domestic violence and abuse are insidious problems that reach into every corner of every country.  These animated spots are not threatening or authoritarian.  They do not further stigmatize the victims.  Instead, the campaign uses use humour and animation to create a range of messages that will cause behaviour change by speaking directly to the abuser and by being a catalyst to stimulate discussions in millions of households.”

Mr. Kharas pointed that the campaign is unique.  It rests on eight pillars: animation, comedy, prevention, targeted directly at the person requiring behaviour change, free distribution, multi-lingual, global reach across cultures and tackling the most difficult issues.

The No Excuses Campaign:

The No Excuses Campaign is the creation of a volunteer team of skilled professionals in several countries led by the acclaimed animation producer and director Firdaus Kharas.  The campaign consists of 11 animated Public Service Announcements (PSAs) or spots that provide to the viewer a variety of behaviour change communications to prevent domestic violence and abuse.

The spots are available to any television broadcaster, radio station, NGO, non-profit, hospital, doctor, community group, university, school, educator or other user, anywhere in the world, free of charge.  Each spot plays individually, so each user can select only the spots they wish to use.

A comprehensive website,, has been developed where the spots may be downloaded and tapes and DVDs of the Campaign can be requested online.  The spots may be seen online on the web-site and on YouTube at

Firdaus Kharas:

Firdaus Kharas has been acknowledged in the media as a “world renowned” director and producer of animation, film and television media.  His current work focuses on creating various types of media to affect societal and individual behavioural change through mass communications. These media initiatives have a universal appeal in that they span many cultures and countries to better the human condition.
Mr. Kharas creates global communications programs to confront and overcome the many fault-lines that separate human beings:  languages and cultures; religions and ethnicities; traditions and histories; stereotypes and stigmas; racism and prejudices; hatreds and fears.

In the last few years, Mr. Kharas’ media work has garnered over 60 international awards. These include the Peabody Award, CINE Golden Eagle, Telly, Platinum Remi, Chris, Hugo, Golden Reel, Gold World Medal in New York and First Prize at the Chicago International Children’s Festival.

Mr. Kharas is the creator of The Three Amigos HIV/AIDS prevention program that currently exists in 45 languages, in use in over 150 countries and has been seen by over a billion people.  He is also the creator of the Buzz and Bite malaria prevention campaign, currently existing in 39 languages and in use in over half the countries with malaria.  Both campaigns were also launched at the United Nations.

Mr. Kharas owns and operates Chocolate Moose Media and Culture Shift. Further information can be found at

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