Firdaus Kharas may be reached at:

Canada: +1.613.820.6121

Switzerland: +41(0)78.749.6120

Speaking Engagements

If you wish to have Firdaus Kharas speak to your university, group or conference, please click on the relevant contact name below to send your request via email:

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Media Requests

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Mike Levin

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USA and Canada: +1.250.585.1885

Firdaus Kharas

All other countries: firdaus@chocmoose. com

Canada: +1.613.820.6121

Switzerland: +41(0)78.749.6120

Contact Jasmine El Mulki

Switzerland: +41(0)79.707.0024

Scripts and Concepts

Please do not send unsolicited material. Firdaus Kharas receives more concepts and scripts than he can handle. Unsolicited material will not be read or returned.